Chinese Medical Report

“The Chinese Medical Report” is a sole and leading Chinese language medical newspaperpublished semi monthly in the Unite States, first launch in March 8, 1995. Printed with fullcolors both in the front and rear pages, twice a month, the newspaper cooperates with Healthnewspaper – the most influential medical newspaper owned by ministry of the Public Health(China); “Zhong Guo Zhong Yi Dao Bao” – the Chinese Medical newspaper of the stateAdministration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) and Chinese Medical Audio Video Organization to cover the news concerning western and Chinese medicine, health policies anddevelopment of medical science.

“Chinese Medical Report” is the most authoritative newspaper which reflects the modernsituation of medical health and level of scientific development in China basically. It has thebiggest circulation among the medical journals in U. S. and it also become the only Chinese professional newspaper about Chinese & Western medical health of China, and it also has great response from the reader in the state.

We would like to introduce our characters to the public:

  1. 80% of our readers are age over forties, these are health sensitive Chinese readers including practitioners, doctors, nurses pharmacists and senior in the nursing home. They are all posses certain economic abilities.
  1. Beside 50,000 issues in Taiwan, there are more than 15,000 issues in New York East Coast , 5,000issues in Los Angeles West Coast, 5,000 issues in San Francisco,This issue’s capacity is one of the largest Chinese languages of Chinese medical media in U.S.A. and Canada.
  1. Our distribution network covered all the main Chinese community in America.
  2. The medical information of this newspaper are authority and reliable.
  3. The information of this newspaper has reserve value, such as the information of new medicine and health, special effective herbal prescriptions, secret prescriptions etc.

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